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 Virginia Alliance Against Mass Incarceration was founded in 2001 and was greatly inspired by the excellent research work and release of The New Jim Crow:  Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Professor Michelle Alexander.

At our formation, a group of Central Virginia area business persons decided to put forth efforts to find new ways to have positive impacts in dealing with the many critical issues faced by African American families and communities across Virginia.

Why Founded


  • To help focus public attention on need to unify in the fight against Mass Incarceration.

  • Our primary goal was then, and continues to be to highlight the many tentacles that form the long running and very effective systemic oppression of African American families in Virginia and across all America.

  • To help create a renewed mindset among many African American leaders to be more activist in the ongoing struggle to improve our families, communities and institutions. 

Board Structure


  • Virginia Alliance is led by a 15-member Board of Directors who are top leaders in their local communities all of whom are well-positioned to also have significant impacts in other communities all across Virginia.

  • Under the day to day leadership of an Executive Director, Virginia Alliance is well positioned when it comes to policy formation, issue identification, organizing both local and statewide Direct Advocacy efforts thereby helping to represent the interests of African Americans across Virginia.

  • Conceived as an “umbrella” organization, Virginia Alliance is a tool to do the “grunt work” (many don’t have to time to do) needed to thoroughly research the societal maladies that impact African Americans, then form policy initiatives and direct actions participating churches, groups and organizations would then help to implements for the betterment of everyone involved especially our children.   

Timeline of Events



In 2011, Virginia Alliance was instrumental in forming several rallies at the Virginia

State Capitol that included pastors, church and community leaders from across Virginia.



In 2012, held direct negotiations with Governor Bob McDonnell that eventually lead to the Governor enacting new and innovative Restoration of Voting Rights initiatives to help Returning Citizens gain their voting and other rights



In 2013, with a tip from Richmond Free Press reporter Jeremy Lazarus identified Virginia’s $200 Felony Grand Larceny Threshold as a significant systemic tool of Mass Incarceration.


Also in 2013, we created a new model for African American leaders to more effectively lobby at the Virginia General Assembly in ways to more effectively impact efforts of African American leaders 



In 2014, began to work with Baptist Minister’s Conference of Richmond and Vicinity in their desire to become more effective in lobbying members of the General Assembly. 



In 2015 – 2016 we continued to work with Baptist Minister’s Conference of Richmond and Vicinity and continued to enhance their overall General Assembly lobbying efforts.



In 2016, Virginia Alliance held direct negotiations with candidate Terry McAuliffe and his top staff – including eventual Mayor of Richmond Lavar Stoney - resulting in his solemn pledge to continue the Restoration of Voting Rights work began by Governor Bob McDonnell. 


As a result of a change in Baptist Minister’s Conference of Richmond and Vicinity (and their focus on lobbying), began working with Virginia State Conference NAACP to form a NAACP Lobby Day, Legislative Agenda and statewide legislative advocacy effort 

among its 80+ NAACP branches, branch leadership and members.  

2017, 2018 & 2019



In 2017, 2018 & 2019 created, formed and implemented Virginia State Conference NAACP Lobby Day activities, Legislative Agenda and Statewide Legislative Advocacy

effort which included issue identification, contacting legislators . . . 



 As a critical issue that continues to devastates so many African Americans, our families, children, communities and institutions, the scourge of Mass Incarceration is still very prevalent here in Virginia. 


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